Yun Kyung Jeong


Triumph gallery, Moscow 2020

curator Polina Mogilina

Triumph Gallery presents a group exhibition A Wave of Dreams that unites more than 30 artists who in their works explored the phenomenon of seeing dreams. Dreaming is both a mental and a cultural experience which continues to interest psychologists, philosophers and sleep therapists for hundreds of years despite it being a routine ritual. Dreams and their nature still raise numerous questions and researching them is filled with various hypotheses that are yet to be scientifically confirmed or disproved. Dreaming and its many aspects is turned into a subject of artistic reflection in the exhibition narrative.

Sleeping is as important part of life as wakefulness. Even though the former is passive and in the unconscious, it affects our perception of reality. This relationship between reality and dreams is so ephemeral, it is hard to find the phantom line between objective truth and the surreal world of visions and fantasies.

The exhibition explores the dream phenomenon from different angles. Using various media, the artists analyse the edges of dreaming and borderline states. Referring to the ancient tradition of dream interpretation, they find in them warnings and prophecies (Anatoly Akue). Explore the borderline state between dream and reality as a paranoid feeling of losing touch with reality (Evgenia Voronova, Katya Tsareva). In some cases, the memories of the past switch places with dreams, as if emerging from each other (Kristina Aksentova), in others the visions of the future bleed through like recurring stress dreams (Alexander Dashevskiy). Sometimes metaphysical images come up like accidental visions (Alexandra Kokacheva, Issy Wood). The feelings of déjà vu (Kirill Basalaev, Victoria Kosheleva) and dream journals (Anka Akhalaia, Yulia Virko) also became subject to artistic reflection. Through the works, we enter an extraordinary world of fantastical images (Anna Andrzhievkaya, crocodilePOWER, Roma Peeks), nightmares (Blue Soup, Charlie Isoe) and drifting dreams (Alexander Brodsky, Andrey Berger, Yun Kyung Jeong).

The exhibition A Wave of Dreams is an attempt to analyse dreams from an artistic point of view and to contemplate on the ways dreams become sources of creative inspiration and new artistic images. It is asking how to communicate the immaterial world of dreams using artistic language, how to convey the borderline state of the psyche through works of art.

The exhibition is curated in such a way that the viewer would be able to experience the sensations that belong to the dream world. The gallery space will become the border zone in which objective reality is no longer dominant, giving way to illusion.

The exhibition is presented with the support of the Cultural Space Foundation.

Charlie Isoe, Kristina Aksentova
Anatoly Akue
Anna Andrzhievskaya
Daniil Antropov
Anka Akhalaia
Kirill Basalaev
Andrey Berger, Alexander Brodsky Sr.
Alexander Brodsky Jr.
Yulia Virko
Evgenia Voronova
Issy Wood
Dmitry Gutov
Alexander Dashevskiy
Vladimir Kartashov
Alexandra Kokacheva
Victoria Kosheleva
Maxim Ksuta
Asia Marakulina
Ruslan Martynov
Nikolay Onischenko
Alexandra Paperno
Roma Peeks
Haim Sokol
Blue Soup
Sergey Filatov
Eva Helki, Katya Tsareva
Yun Kyung Jeong

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